COM3T is an artist that we are ecstatic to see continue to gain traction. Known also by her human name, Dani Thorne is an LA-based DJ who’s newest work yet again highlights her ability to produce gut-wrenching, extraterrestrial bass.

Her sets are waves of genre-stuffed fun where she has no problem jumping around the stage and having as much fun as the crowd in front of her. Now she brings us an interstellar heater meant to be played throughout the galaxies, “Anybody Listening?

Embracing all things far out, COM3T’s “Anybody Listening?” track AND artwork play on a recurring theme where she allies with intergalactic beings to point out the flaws of humanity. Much like in her collaboration with LSDREAM, “HELLO HUMAN”, this new tune alludes to the impending self-afflicted annihilation of humans. The tune’s cheery build quickly falls into drilling destruction of bass.

Enjoy COM3T’s grimey “Anybody Listening?” below and let us know what you think!

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