Dirt Monkey‘s 19k Records has been pumping out some incredibly impressive releases since it’s 2019 conception. The label has had tunes out from the likes of DMVU, Mr. Bill, Tsimba, Shank Aaron and of course, Dirt Monkey himself.

Today, the labelhead is linking with Bristol, UK based Father Funk for a brand new wobbly, funky masterpiece. The two artists do a brilliant job merging their sounds and the result is nothing short of wub-fueled greatness. Check out what Father Funk had to say about the new release below!

“SO excited to be releasing my collab with Dirt Monkey aptly titled “Monkey Funk”! It’s the first single from my album “Funkstep” which is coming out next month on 19k! Super stoked on this one, was a dream come true to work with Dirt Monkey and I think we cooked up something pretty special… Hope ya dig!” – Father Funk


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