Australian independent record label Beat & Path boss Uone, alongside longtime collaborator Western, has dropped the first single of the pair’s forthcoming debut album The Lone Wranglers.

The self-described psychonauts have employed a deeply stylized approach to their joint release with both the track itself and its surrounded press emanating a blend of intergalactic and frontier vibes.

Packaged as an EP alongside a remix from versatile contemporary duo Desert Dwellers, the lead single is a fervent but low-key dance tune littered with diverse soundscapes.

“Last Showdown” is motivated by a four on the floor beat with complex percussion layers entering the fray throughout the track’s eight-minute run time.

The reverberating piano chords consistent throughout the tune give way to the drifting ambiance of tones in the background. These tones feel hollow throughout the song’s slow build, but they flow seamlessly into the slide guitar and distorted vocal accents that diversify the sound throughout.

While the Desert Dwellers remix is mostly consistent with the original, it maintains a fuller sound that seeks to hum more than drift. The remix adds some complementary synth pieces, and the production is streamlined to give the track a more melodic aggression.

Both editions of these songs are enchanting in style, and we’re looking forward to hearing more of what Uone & Western have to offer!

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