Sam Lamar is a name that Dubstep and Bass fans alike are starting to become more and more familiar with. His tunes have been staples in sets from some of the biggest names in the scene, ranging from Illenium to REZZ to Porter Robinson. This man will be on the Lost Lands main stage within the next couple of years, no question. He’s a favorite of Black Tiger Sex Machine‘s Kannibalen Records, where he has released three official EPs as well as multiple remixes and singles. Sam also just released another banger to add to his artillery, titled The Execution”, through Steve Aoki‘s Dim Mak Records earlier this week.

We had the pleasure of having Sam Lamar on board for our inaugural Cabin Fever Festival, which benefits The Innocence Project, last weekend. His set was an absolute neck-breaker and we were so amped when he also wanted to share it with his fans across the world who might not have been able to tune in.

We also had the chance to chat with him about his state of affairs and what he’s got going on for the rest of 2020 and into 2021. Sam Lamar has a huge future ahead of him, if you aren’t hip to him yet, now’s the time to get hip!

Enjoy his full, hour long Cabin Fever Fest performance below as well as our exclusive interview with Sam where we chat about opening for Illenium at Red Rocks, his recent Wakaan release and Lucii collaboration, and tons more in this HIHF exclusive.

Big thank you to Sam Lamar and his team for taking the time to speak with us and of course for Sam’s neck-breaking live performance for Cabin Fever Fest. Check that out here.

H: How has your quarantine been, creatively? How have you used this time differently than you might have?

S: The quarantine for me was a looooot of thinking. What I want to do, where I want to go, how to express my sound differently, etc. So, unfortunately, I haven’t made that much new music but now I’m much more confident in the music i’ll make.

H: Who are some of your musical inspirations?

S: I try to listen as little as possible to dubstep otherwise I feel like I’m always comparing myself to the other tunes and I can’t live with that constantly so I listen to a lot of older stuff like Sonny & Cher, Fleetwood Mac, Alan Parson Project, etc. I’m really trying to find songs that have a lot of emotions to them.

H: I want to talk about Red Rocks real quick, it’s one of our favorite venues in the US. What was it like gracing such a special setting with your music?

S: It was just unbelievable…I still can’t believe I played there….Thank you Illenium!

H: Your songs are played by so many high profile dance artists on massive festival stages and arenas, what’s the feeling when you hear a big name drop your tunes?

S: It’s always an awesome feeling to have your tune played by bigger artists and what’s even better is to hear the crowd reaction.

H: Your collab with Lucii was one of our favorite releases of 2020, what was the process like making that song?

S: I started making this song back in early January for the birthday of my good friend “Ariel”. He wanted me to do something like the collab between Blanke & Illenium. It didn’t turn out the way I wanted, so I sent the tune to him and then as i was about to let it die in my IDs folder but Lucii told me she loved it and she had ideas for it so we finished it a couple weeks later!

H: What’s on tap for the rest of 2020? Any big releases or cool collabs you have in the works?

S: I got a couple releases that I’m super hype about and I can’t wait for you all to hear them.

H: What is one hobby or interest you have, that if someone didn’t ask, they wouldn’t know about you?

S: I like playing city building games like anno or cities skyline

H: What can fans expect from you once shows are back in 2021? 

S: A lot of shows all around the USA!

Big thanks again to Sam and his team, be sure to show him love on socials below!

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