Last week, Excision surprised the Dubstep community with three new massive compilation albums; Dusk, Dawn and Night. The three projects totaled 120 tracks and featured some of the most exciting names in Dubstep as well as tons of booming up and comers who are more new to the scene.

Today, we had the pleasure of chatting with UK Dubstep titan DirtySnatcha to talk about his brand new release on Excision’s Subsidia Records. A collaboration with Matt Doe and Katie Sky“More Than This” serves as the perfect middle ground for fans of emotionally charged vocals as well as dubious, destructive Bass. DirtySnatcha has teamed up with Matt Doe multiple times in the past and we were so hyped that they got their new collab out on Excision’s Subsidia label.

Fans can expect DirtySnatcha back on the road, whenever it is safe to tour, with an upcoming EP expected this Fall on his own DirtySnatcha Records.

Check out our brand new interview with DirtySnatcha below and also be sure to peep our guest mix with him from a few months back here.

We discuss how his release on Subsidia came together, some of his musical inspirations, what he’s been up to during the quarantine and more. Enjoy!

What do you want fans to know about your new tune “More Than This” with Matt Doe and Katie Sky?
D: It was easy working with Matt and Katie on this collab! We all put in equal effort to make the tune sound melodic but also heavy at the same time, so that it appeals to all fans.

How did you connect with Excision and Subsidia?
D: I sent over some unreleased tracks to the team and they liked what they heard!

Who are a few of your musical inspirations?
D: P0gman, Skrillex and 50 Carrot are a few of the main artists who inspired me to start producing music.

How’s life without touring been for you? How are you making the most of this time?
D: Life has been a bit boring without being able to play shows, but I’ve taken this time to work on my producing skills and crank out a lot of new music!
Do you have a go-to quarantine take-out food?
D: Jet’s Pizza

What do you think about Drive-In shows?
D: They are a good alternative available right now to help keep everyone safe and healthy, while still being able to have fun and show support to artists.

Any big collabs coming up that you can tell us about? Any other big plans coming up for the Dirtysnatcha project?

D: No collabs that I can announce at this time, but I am currently working on my second EP!

What is one thing fans wouldn’t know about you if they didn’t ask? (hobby/fun facts)
D: I love cats.

Who are some up and comers you’ve been listening to lately?

D: Too many to name! Autokorekt, JAYSYX, Champagne Poppers, Kryture and Renegvde are just some of the few.

What’s Subsidia mean for the future of Bass music?
D: Subsidia is giving the chance for artists, big and small, to gain more exposure to fans who may not have necessarily come across their music on their own. Outside of that, I think it is giving artists more confidence in their music and pushing them to work harder than ever.

Be sure to show DirtySnatcha love on socials and enjoy his brand new release with Excision’s Subsidia records below!

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