blurrd vzn have been slowly but surely carving a name out for themselves in this Bass space. The duo specializes in blending Dubstep and Trap music and have released some of the filthiest tunes of 2020, including collaborations with the likes of CVPTVGON, MeSo, LoTemp and loads more.

Today, they are teaming up with Electric Hawk records for their brand new Vznary EP. This four-track collection is the perfect insight into the blurrd mind and we are ecstatic to see such a fire full-body of work out from the booming up and comers. Check out what blurrd vzn had to say about the new EP below and give it a listen for yourself!

“…We tried out different techniques for sound design to kinda make this “experimental trap” genre. We really put our all into this EP to give people a full experience of bass music.” – blurrd vzn

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