Jalaya is connecting with Sleeveless Records for his debut EP. The up and comer, before COVID hit, was booked for both Lightning in a Bottle and the Untz Festival. Today, he’s returning with his highly anticipated new project. The Cobra EP has been a long time coming and is a great example of the producer’s masterful sonic pallet.

His new EP shows off his production prowess with each track. “The Cobra” is a vicious Bass heater, with Tribal undertones. “Sandman” is more of an atmospheric, driving tune. It’s jam-packed with all sorts of synths and sounds, laced with chilling horns.

“Hanuman” is a damn rollercoaster of a tune, certain to leave your brain melted.“Moonstone” is the perfect closing track for The Cobra EP, which is more of a vibey banger that’s sure to mysteriously transport you to another realm.

Let us know which cut was your favorite down in the comments and check out what Jalaya had to say about the new release below!

“One of the themes of my project is Ancient future. This EP Channels sorcery through ancient music, wisdom and spirituality from my inner creative muse to bring forth the dawn of a new era. A bind of past present and future. A cycle every civilization has gone through and each to follow faces. A precipice of the hero’s journey where one must face their own shadow in order to resurge the era of enlightenment.” – Jalaya

Jalaya and Sleeveless also have a merch giveaway that is going until tomorrow night at midnight — enter here.

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