Jalaya is a West Coast producer who has been making waves as of late. On top of his fire production chops, Jalaya also acts as the executive director of LoFreq, the SF-based electronic collective that focuses both on live events and their label releases.

The up and coming bass artist is booked for both Fam Fest in Maine and Spectrum Fest in California. He even played The Untz Festival in early June, which boasted one of the best bass lineups in the country.

Following his The Cobra EP, “Heart Tear” brings fans insight into Jalaya’s own personal struggles, or heartbreak to be more exact. He wrote the track from his own personal experience of a very challenging ending to a relationship he viewed as a soul connection.

Here’s what the young San Francisco artist had to say about his newest work and how that struggle helped shaped both the new song and his insights into future relationships:

“When the Heart Tears it allows deep-rooted pain to bleed out. Emerging one’s true and vibrant nature. There is beauty in sadness and on the other side is freedom. This is the power and catharsis of letting go. This song has helped me to to feel and accept the pain of my past to let it go. I hope this can be a gift to others in a similar way.” – Jalaya

The new release utilizes entrancing vocals courtesy of Holly Drummond, backed by some vicious, crunchy bass that is sure to keep you moving!

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