Rusko and Wakaan have come together for the first time with a fiery new EP, Sauce. This release is jam packed with old school styles highlighted by prolific sound design and is definitely something any and all Dubstep fans should be excited about.

Rusko has been releasing music since the early 2000’s and was a major player in bringing Dubstep over to the states. I’ve had the pleasure of catching Rusko’s sets at Lost Lands over the past few years and truly admire the unique style he brings to the stage, with wild live mixes, incredible stage presence and seemingly improvised creativity. The Sauce EP utilizes his unique sound and marks a few major milestones for the U.K. based producer, including his debut on Wakaan Records and his third EP release since recovering from a battle with stomach cancer.

Drawing from a variety of influences, this release is refreshing and welcome in a recent wave of boundary pushing music. “Carrot Cake”, leads off the EP with a slow and methodical beat that slaps hard with jaw-dropping bass which is contrasted with expertly designed high end melodies. This pairing is tricky, and, of course, Rusko pulls it off with ease, showcasing his incredible ability and range.

Following up, “Ecstasy Dreamland” brings a nostalgic melody to the table and incorporates old school dub influences to create a euphoric atmosphere.

Dirt Monkey makes an appearance on the EP, on “Quarantinis”, to provide us with some silky smooth bass and bone-shattering wobbles. Last but certainly not least, Boogie T makes his presence known with funky fresh style on the epic collab “Wha Gwan”. 

This collection of slappers is one of my personal favorites of 2020. Stream the Dubstep legend’s new Sauce EP down below and let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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