DeeZ came through today with that petrol for our newest guest mix!

On V28 of HIHF’s guest mix series, DeeZ is bringing down the house, supplying wall-breaking slapper after slapper. Including unreleased collaborations as well as tons of filthy originals, check out what DeeZ had to say about his new mix below! Thanks again to DeeZ for this disgusting new guest mix, we appreciate you!!!

“This is a mix made up of my current favorite originals, collabs, remixes and tracks from others that are inspiring to me. This is a snapshot of who I am as an artist and where I see myself fitting in to the electronic music scene. I don’t want to pin it down by describing it with a specific vibe, theme or story. I want each listener to check the mix without pre conceived notions and derive their own meaning from how it makes them feel. Hope you dig it!” – DeeZ

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DeeZ x Restraint – ID
DeeZ x Mickman – Invaders
DeeZ – ID
DeeZ x Frequent x FRQ NCY – ID
DeeZ – Reaver
K.L.O – Montana Dream Cake
DeeZ – ID
VCTRE – Intolerable acts (DeeZ RMX)
DeeZNauts – Escape pod
DeeZ x Keota x Brightside – Butt Frankly
DeeZNauts – ID
DeeZ x Maxfield – Smartians
BRZRK (DeeZ x Tsimba) – ID
DeeZ x FRQ NCY – Mystery Box
DeeZNauts – ID
DeeZNauts – Subversion
DeeZ – Ghost
DeeZ – Yurei
Result – Steel Face
DeeZ x Apothecary – In My Zone
tsimba – ID
DeeZ – ID
Monuman – Provenance
BRZRK (DeeZ x Tsimba) – ID
tsimba – Sendai (DeeZ RMX)
DeeZ – ID
DeeZ – ID

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