Following up on his previous “New Escape” EP, Smigonaut returns with another transformative listening experience with his new EP “Sidetracked“.

This talented artist has attracted the attention of industry titans Jade Cicada and Tipper, and was featured in live streams from The Featherbed Sessions and Wormhole over the past year. He is also half of the supergroup DeeZNauts, with HIHF guest mix alum DeeZ. Most recently, he has been busy with a recent set at Infrasound festival that garnered glowing reviews, and a special show at the infamous Black Box in Denver with special guest Schmoop.

The EP is equal parts silky smooth and supremely transportive, sending listeners to an alternate dimension of bliss. It grooves in all the right ways with guitar riffs and jazzy influences. Each track beautifully melds into the next with cool ease, reminiscent of a relaxing Sunday afternoon. There are some rad animations for this EP over on Smigonaut’s Instagram that really compliment the sounds and the album artwork, crafted by the talented Duncan Hatch.

The intro, “Intro Type Beat,” begins to tease listeners with feels to come. Immaculately crafted beats immerse  into the next track “Do Whatever“. This track is reminiscent of Jade Cicada’s sounds, with a progressive arpeggio swirling through ears that are then complemented by the integration of a bouncy bass beat. “Galonk” provides coolness as the walking bassline drifts along. This beat is extolled by the contrast of the next track, “Finders Keepers,” which drops down deeper into a bassy wobble. It has a grittiness that makes it stand out from the others while staying cohesive to the project as a whole.

Palate Cleanser” is aptly titled, providing a more upbeat groovy vibe, with some light euro-pop feels. The integration of the silky synths further emphasizes the way this track glides along, providing a reprise from the bassiness of the previous track.

Sinking way down into feelsy vibes, “The Life Aquatic” really slows things down in an intentional way, transporting the listener into the depths of the blue ocean. If you close your eyes, one could feel as though they’re taking a long, leisurely swim in an empty pool as the afternoon sun hits you just right. After such an experience, you can relax further with an “Evening in the Plaza“. This one has some lofi feels to it, with the same suave feel that has been consistent throughout the entire work. The finale, “Sendoff,” leaves listeners on a high note, exuding wavering sentiments of contentment. This entire album is a supremely beautiful compilation that deserves an intent listen.

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