Enigmatic producer Common Creation is back with a stunning new EP, Gold Soul Galaxy!

The multi-instrumentalist and DJ has dazzled with impressive live sets since coming onto the scene in 2015. Mixing in live instrumentals with versatile sets, Common Creation performances are backed by live drums driving the beats.

Although his sound mixes in a multitude of genres, his previous releases feature heavy hitting bass, like his EP with Matheny and his collaboration track with Creighfish. The brand new EP – titled Gold Soul Galaxy – departs from that intensity while holding onto the gritty vibes.

The aptly titled EP is the seventh in a string of releases following Digital Daydream, released earlier this year. Five diverse tracks show off Common Creation’s sonic catalog with glittering, cosmic soundscapes and funky melodies.

Opening track “Wave Flex” is an infectious groove whose phased synths are punctuated by an explosive bass ending. Lead single “Gold Soul” steps away from the business of its predecessor for a chill, acoustic guitar-laden tune.

“Come Selecta” is the most traditional bass track on the record: its tribal opening sounds are swapped for grinding bass and lumbering percussion.

The final two tracks – “Close Wonder” and “Take Your TIme” – most heavily represent the EPs overarching electro-soul theme. “Close Wonder” brings multi-instrumentalist Adam Stehr, and the two would make Gramatik proud with an intoxicating blend of jazzy piano and bluesy guitar riffs.

“Take Your Time” serves as a crash course encapsulating the sounds of the entire EP. Furthering the jazz influences is the persistent trumpet line underscored by warping synth sounds. Boom-bap percussion hides early in the track, but it can’t be contained for the track’s glitchy, thumping closure.

Although experimenting heavily, Gold Soul Galaxy is an incredibly stylized EP from Common Creation that delivers a little something for every fan of electronic music.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for future releases! What do you think of the new EP from Common Creation?


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