Common Creation has definitely become a favorite up-and-comer in the bass scene. His unique, versatile soundscapes quickly made him one to watch and gained him recognition from labels like WAKAAN and its sister label, SSKWAN. He also opened for GRiZ at his inaugural Space Camp event at Hampton Coliseum back in 2021. Projects that highlight his different production abilities include Gold Soul Galaxy, a funky, vibrant mix of instruments and good vibrations. Then, there are projects like Tiger Blood, his debut on WAKAAN, highlighting his heavy, energetic side.

Now, Common Creation unveils his latest WAKAAN release, a four-track EP titled Oblique Obelisk. Each of the tracks on this project seems to fall into its own genre category, keeping listeners guessing what’s to come. On top of the audio side of the EP, Common Creation also made his own visualizers to go alongside it, leveling up his talent game a couple extra artistic notches. Oblique Obelisk without a doubt highlights the growth he has quickly made over these last few years as a musician.

“Opaque Octopus” kicks things off, starting off slow and soothing, quickly changing to halftime-like rhythms. Until you reach around the three-and-a-half minute point, and he brings in more downtempo, bass-infused vibes. “Cursed Casino” is dark, brooding, and completely hypnotic, creating a world that listeners can get lost in.

Common Creation then changes the pace with“Ghost Grass,” throwing in a nice little DnB number. Then, about halfway through, he switches things up and surprises listeners with a bright, sprightly ending. Oblique Obelisk comes to a close with “Imperial Isotope,” a track consisting of a multitude of elements and genres. It seems like Common Creation combined each of his different production abilities, keeping listeners on their feet and showing them what he’s creatively made of. Here’s what he had to say:

“Oblique Obelisk is my 8th body of work, and consists of what I consider to be my best music to date. My goal with this EP was to meld organic instrumental soundscapes with neuro-based electronic production to create something that is both natural and digital; historic and futuristic. The four-track suite spans several different genres and ties them together with overarching themes and a shared sonic palette. I believe this EP is truly the best representation of the Common Creation sound so far, and combined with the full visual project, it presents a fully immersive 30 minute journey and the next milestone for this project.”Common Creation

Common Creation is without a doubt a brilliant artist. Now, this tastemaker is bringing it even harder with his own visuals for this project. Oblique Obelisk is an incredible project fueled by unique sounds and certainly takes listeners on a vibrant journey to vast, otherworldly places. Stream it now below or on your preferred music platform. Have a favorite track from Oblique Obelisk? Let us know down in the comments!

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