CharlestheFirst celebrates his birthday like no other: returning with new single “Out of the Dark”!

The single is his first release since 2019 EP No Dimmer. The enigmatic and ever-evolving producer retreated after performing at Okeechobee, the last major music event in 2020.

Remaining quiet since the beginning of the year, CharlestheFirst backs the latest track with exciting news of his forthcoming LP, Solus, due early 2021!

Citing a naturalistic ethos forged in Sierra Nevada mountains where he grew up, Charles has cultivated a lush, visceral sound since emerging in 2014. “Out of the Dark is no different: seamlessly synthesizing genres across a rich and expansive sonic landscape, reminiscent of his full-length 2018 project Ascent.

Beginning in an ambient, downtempo haze, the song layers reverberating synths deliberately as it builds through its 4:46 run time. A wistful vocal sample marks the track’s halfway point as it pivots into a more percussive and melodic space.

Building bass with subtlety, “Out of the Dark” bursts open with grinding, distorted tones that nevertheless fit neatly in the composition. While diverse in sound and genre influence, the track is incredibly cohesive in its transitional mood.

“Out of the Dark” perhaps previews the variety to be expected of CTF’s Solus LP. We’ll be waiting patiently for the record, but the promise of more adventurous music makes his emergence from the dark even brighter.

Let us know what you think of the latest single in the comments, and leave a happy birthday for Charles!


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