The masterminds DMVU and Kala (Nate Stephens) team up to bring you today’s new creative release, under their collaborative project, Ghost Creek“Always Wondering” is one of those songs that really brings the emotions out of you and then proceeds to place you into a calmer environment in such a beautiful way.

The Ghost Creek project has been going on for four years now and each project is better than the last! It’s clear the two creators are improving and refining their sound with each new Ghost Creek effort they put out to the world.

“Always Wondering” combines the soft downtempo vibes that DMVU has excelled in, with the calming yet incredible lyrics of Kala. The two artists take you on a soothing journey with a stunning intro, letting you know that the vibes will be here.

DMVU has had an incredible year thus far, releasing his downtempo album Two Pairs of Eyes, Gazing Only at Each Other, releasing his banger EP Chemicals” on Wakaan, and recently playing a beautiful downtempo set at Liquid Stranger‘s only Wakaan Takeover of the year, in Scranton, PA.

You can check out “Always Wondering” below! Let us know what you thought in the comments!

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