Trap lord UZ has unleashed another force to be reckoned with on Quality Goods Records. The brand new compilation QGRC-005 is loaded with new players and old veterans, spanning nine tracks, this monument is evidence to the creativity and rich talent across contemporary trap music. 

This silver platter of charcuterie album holds a little something for everyone; from minimalistic beats, to late night subby bangers, to eastern fusion journeys, to club anthems, to experimental – everything is executed flawlessly by these trap kings and queens. 

Among our favorites were “lil chill” by Abimanyu, a future/experimental trap hybrid dripping with fun. A dreamy intro gently swoops listeners into a massive, brain scrambling chorus, to be met again with a dreamy bridge – this time led by a beautiful singer – rolling into another wall of furious bass goodness, littered with brilliant yet outlandish noises. 

Up next in our recommendations comes “world” by anti. – this bass banger is filled with that crazy ‘bwaaaaa’ bass you know we all love, fat ridiculous subs, all while supported by a head-knocking groove guaranteed to make your pin hats fall off!

Another favorite on the album “test” by msft. & bd hbt, an extraordinary experimental jem. The track serves a lazer-beam-shooting-through-a-feral-jungle type vibe, into some wonky and groovy goodness, oozing with that signature bd hbt style. Both choruses have astonishing sound design and mixing, almost making them tactile in multiple senses! Super impressive! 

“The song is a direct inspiration from the amount of stress both of us have been under due to the state of the world. Even though both of us are on opposite sides of the earth, we still found a way to come together and create something wonderful, putting both of our experiences together in this form of art.” bd hbt

Our final note from the compilation, although top to bottom everything rocks, we have to mention “Town” by sebjin. This tune jarringly drops listeners deep in the cut, with a dark and apocalyptic couple of drops blasting listeners with industrial noises, tribal vocals, and bouncy grooves. 

Everybody on this album created outstanding works and should be extra proud! Quality Goods Records continues to set the bar high with their series of compilations. We look forward to seeing what’s in store in 2021 for the underground and underdog artists, as well as the seasoned artists alike.

Let us know which track is your favorite down below in the comments!

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