Hailing from New York, Callie Reiff, has been coined a musical mastermind. Callie entered uncharted territory at the ripe age of 15, performing at New York City’s Webster Hall. She continued to add to her success, gracing the stages of renowned festivals such as Ultra, Tomorrowland, EDC Las Vegas, and Creamfields. Callie Reiff is known for her intrepid energy, which has gained her recognition as an artist. Teen Vogue chose her as one of the ’10 female artists who are changing the music game’.

Lenii, an Irish based artist, is an incredible talent with a pressing message to share with the world. Lenii reached 2 million views on Tiktok after posting an original verse about the biased systems in America. After receiving acclamation, Lenii went on to write and produce the track titling it, “The Kids Are All Rebels”. The empowering effort acknowledged the treacherous occurrences of 2020.

The track resonated with Callie she stated, “I loved the meaning behind the record and how powerful it felt. It was the perfect track for me to combine everything I have been working on into it and showcase this new side of my sound no one has heard yet.”  Callie Reiff’s remix titled “Kids Are All Rebels 2.0”,  includes a steady beat that enhances the gravity of the lyrics.

We love how empowered this monstrous track is making us feel! We look forward to hearing more from Callie Reiff upon her upcoming EP, releasing later in 2021.

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