Quality Goods Records is no stranger to unique soundscapes that make up the many genres they serve through their individual releases and compilations. Over the years, they’ve had tastemakers like Hucci, TVBOO, L*o*J, Chromonicci, Jon Casey, Runnit, and labelhead UZ, putting out tracks with serious experimental electronic stylings.

The label has always been known for putting on individuals with distinctive sounds that defy any sort of genre title. In turn, it’s made them a favorite and stand-out platform that consistently brings something completely in a class of its own. Now, Quality Goods Records is back with its latest compilation installment, QGRC-006.

QGRC-006 is a nine-track exploration through a vast array of sub-genres and breaking down those barriers. There are heavy hitters like GAWM and Eater,with their collaboration “Zombie Walk” and OG Quality Goods artists L*o*J with a genre-defying track “Snake Tongue.” MIRZHA has listeners grooving with his track “Over,” and Chopsoe brings the “Pressure” on their newest work off the experimental label. Quality Goods always manages to keep things fresh with each of their compilations and QGRC-006 is no exception. Its array of artists and sounds has already made this one of the biggest stand-out releases of the year, and it’s only January!

Wrapping things up on this stacked compilation, and my personal favorite track, is Polar Youth’s “You Say.” The up-and-coming UKG producer brought a sweet flavor and smooth, groovy beat that had me dancing from beginning to end. It has a brilliant way of bringing together a collection of completely unique soundscapes into one.

QGRC-006 highlights the diversities of production and the artists’ abilities to bend space and time with their very creations. Everyone on this compilation has an excellent take on the construction of electronic music and never ceases to amaze us with what these artists come up with.

Stream QGRC-006 now on your preferred music platform and let us know which tracks were your favorite in the comments below!

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