Woah. CloZee… she just doesn’t stop coming out swinging. From her remix of Big Gigantic’s ‘You’re the One to her Neon Jungle album, consistency is the name of the game with this French production maestra.

My favorite aspect of CloZee’s music is that it can quickly transport you to another place entirely, on Earth or even elsewhere. This is simply through the musical influences and instruments found in each of her works. I feel like I am traveling the world with each CloZee track I listen to.

Her new ‘Overthinker‘ remix completely changed my emotional state. That’s what differentiates just any other musician from a true artist.

Her ‘Overthinker’ remix begins with a beautiful sample explaining the nature of overthinking. It sucks the listener into a mystical lull while the strings very carefully reach their chill peak. The existential statements being echoed to the listener throughout the song are poignant and weirdly enough cause them to… yes, overthink.

The second half of the song prepares you for the crunchiness and griminess to come. The build-up is reminiscent of a score that might be found in a battle scene from films like Braveheart orGladiator. CloZee did a brilliant job flipping the original on it’s head while still keeping the tranquil nature it held so strongly in her new remix.

The song comes to a meditative conclusion. “We need to survive to go on”, says Alan Watts, who serves as “Overthinker”‘s narrator. It’s a lot easier for everyone to do so when artists like CloZee producers such quality work like this.

What are you loving most about her latest remix? Let us know in the comments below.


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