Alison Wonderland emerged on the music scene over ten years ago. She has experienced great success, owning the number one spot on the Billboard Top Dance/Electronic Albums Chart twice consecutively. The highly regarded producer added another notch on her belt, earning the Best New Artist title at the Electronic Dance Music awards in 2017. She is and always will be one of our favorite producers over here at HIHF, not just because of her electronic musical stylings but also her originality and vocal contributions to her work.

The Los Angeles producer Valentino Khan stepped foot into the music world in 2014. He has gained respect by accumulating 40 million streams on Spotify with bangers like “Pump” and “Deep Down Low”. He has also seen massive success with his single “Better” which went viral through the popular app, TikTok.

The two reputable producers paired up to bless us with their euphoric anthem, “Anything”, this past November. This track experienced immense reception from their audience, garnering over five million streams on Spotify. The electric effort caters to Khan’s House roots while Alison’s tranquil vocals simultaneously soften the track. It was one of our favorite tunes of 2020!

Hailing from France, Malaa has been dominating the House scene since he first stepped onto it. Malaa is well acquainted with success, earning millions of streams on various platforms. His most streamed track titled, “Notorious”, obtained over twenty million streams on Spotify. In addition, Malaa has teamed up with House legends Tchami and Mercer, generating the hit, “Made in France”. He’s hopped on loads of remixes over the years, controlled massive festival crowds, and graced us with his Illegal mixtapes, which serve as some of the best house mixes out there.

Today, Malaa is back producing a new version of Alison Wonderland and Valentino Khan’s smash “Anything” via Mad Decent. Malaa’s Deep House revamp is guaranteed to get his audience on their feet. The track starts off with a bouncy build-up that transcends into a banging beat catering to club-goers, providing a seamless transition into your weekend.

This remix enhances the original track we fell in love with just months ago. How does this new smash courtesy of the masked Malaa make you feel? Let us know in the comments below and our socials!

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