YULA has impressed his audience for years with his innate ability to create soul-hitting music. YULA has been releasing music that he has produced and had his own vocals featured on since 2019. YULA effortlessly eased us into 2021 with his smash hit New World back in January and now he’s back with another absolute jam.

Today, he is back with the stunning new track “Soul”. Remaining true to his roots, “Soul” begins with a relaxing introduction coupled with honest and breathtaking vocals. This effort will accompany six other songs that will collate into his debut EP “Venus”. The EP will also feature the single “Fade Away”, YULA’s most-streamed song via Spotify, earning over one million streams. The track also earned a spot on the Hot Dance/Electronic Billboard charts due to YULA’s influential and growing presence on TikTok.

YULA’s highly anticipated EP, “Venus”, is set to release on March 19th. Mark your calendars for this iconic debut that we are certain will be nothing short of stunning.

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