William Black is leaving 2020 behind and starting off 2021 with a new single titled “Deep End.

William Black has a unique style of melodic EDM that is constantly pushing new boundaries. His sounds bring out the emotions in all of us in their own meaningful and inventive way. In years past, you may have heard his melodic waves on tour alongside artists like SLANDER, Illenium, Said The Sky and Dabin.

“Deep End” features lovely vocals that pair perfectly with the uplifting melodies, which will make anyone immediately vibe out while listening. Although the song is uplifting, it carries within it a darker message revolving around the cloud of depression. As depression looms, the uplifting chords and melodies are meant to represent reaching out for help.

William Black went on to tell us that Deep End is about reaching out for help when depression takes hold. It’s a reminder that I’m not a burden to the people who love you. It helps show other people that they are not alone either, no matter how dark it may seem.”

“Deep End” follows up William Black’s prior release, “Closer Than You”, featuring AMIDY. Yet another infectious and emotional anthem to add to his growing artillery.

What do you think of William Black’s new single “Deep End”? Let us know in the comments below.

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