Last April, bass producer DMVU shocked us by releasing his beautiful album Two Pairs of Eyes, Gazing Only at Each Other on Dome of Doom. He departed from his usual boisterous bass sounds to opt in to a more ethereal chill tone, and the results were incredible.

DMVU brought this beautiful soundscape into his music that showed us a true emotional trip. For thirteen straight tracks, you could feel the passion that he had for this genre of music. And it paid off big time, being one of my personal favorite albums of 2020.

With today’s release of “Praise Be Delusion Or, The Ripple”, not only are you getting a continuation from where he left off, but you’re getting even more soothing sounds, more blissful stylings, that will immediately put your mind at ease and remind you of how precious music can be. It’s a truly special treat from the masterful producer.

“Praise Be Delusion Or, The Ripple” features fifteen tracks of contemporary and downtempo beats. Each one brings a separate and unique vibe to it, but not one song will disappoint you. DMVU brings an emotional feel to each track here, many of these based on the events of last year. He spreads out an assortment of live instruments, synths, and vocals throughout the album while keeping the pace calm as well.

As this journey proceeds, you hear radio excerpts from long ago, bringing past events to light. The end result here is an emotional pull that leaves your jaw dropped for the entirety of the playback. DMVU created this from personal experiences, and this album is a reminder that nobody is alone, especially as we navigate through these rough times as a whole.

One track that stood out to us was “Hiding”. The track starts off ominous, with familiar synths. Thirty seconds in, a kind percussion beat kicks at a medium pace. You’re given some of the most magical synths as you propel on an interdemensional journey. The pitch is similar to “Melody”, a previous track from DMVU that was highly praised by our team. What made “Hiding” unforgettable was the raw emotional pull that it gave from the pitch alone, something that can’t be put into words. Music has a way of bringing that to you sometimes.

DMVU spent all of 2020 working on not only mastering this groundbreaking album, but also growing as a producer AND as a person. On top of his first album last April, he also had many more releases, most notably his highly-acclaimed EP Chemicals” on Wakaan. He was also on two of Electric Hawk‘s livestreams last year. One of these streams featured his words we left behind” set, a beautiful downtempo mix with gorgeous visuals from the incredibly talented visual artist VJ Kobra.

Many of the songs in that mix are from today’s new album. You can check out that downtempo mix here.

Simply put, “Praise Be Delusion Or, The Ripple is a pure work of art, and is DMVU’s best release to date. You can listen to the album below! Let us know which song was your favorite in the comment section or on our socials.

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