Since 2015, DMVU has kept a fairly low profile, spinning innovative, experimental bass beats. The Colorado native made a statement in 2016 on his sophomore EP Bloccd as the eponymous song collected over a million streams across various platforms very quickly and got massive playout at fests across the world.

The versatile rhythms employed on “Bloccd” are hardly the focal point of DMVU’s latest release, but the artist’s diversity and innovation are certainly on display. Two Pairs of Eyes, Gazing Only at Each Other takes on impressively chill tones in an enjoyable departure from DMUV’s typical sound.

Spanning thirteen tracks, the album is overall intoxicating in its warped soundscape – each track laden with distorted vocal samples and deep synth sounds. Lead singles “Melody” and “Elder” encapsulate the duality of DMVU’s approach to different influences.

“Melody” is a reverberating tune whose ethereal sounds float above a slow, industrial beat against a tide of reversing synth samples. Similar vibes are achieved throughout the record such as the lo-fi distance of “Vampired” or the enchantingly warm tones of “I Know What I’d Be.”

Conversely, “Elder” takes a more aggressive approach increasing the pace and adding more recognizably lyrical samples into the mix. “Wednesday at 4pm” is a similarly upbeat tune with its summertime charm segmented by synthesized realism in voiceovers, applause, and lavish vocal riffs.

We hope to see DMVU continue to tool with genre and tone, especially following both his last Dubbl Dippd House EP and this impressive new release. Let us know which track you like best from the new album below in the comments and we hope you liked this new project as much as we did!


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