The North Carolina professional anthem churner illanthropy has done it again, this time in the form of his new full-length project “Find Your Mind”. This fourteen-track behemoth of an album checks all the boxes for any bass music fan. Hard-hitting bangers, throwback vibes, and melodic downtempo goodness.

Known for his deep-diving melodic bass music, illanthropy has been pushing the limits for what is capable in production. He’s exemplified that yet again on “Find Your Mind”. Featuring his collaboration with west coast powerhouse duo Smoakland, “A1 Sound” is reminiscent of the early days of dubstep and is extremely refreshing to hear in 2021.

“Crash Dummy” is a rollercoaster of a track, featuring a bomastic bass onslaught. On the other side of the spectrum, “Turn the Dream Up”, takes a downtempo approach while still keeping it heavy. No matter the tempo, both his sound and style are so tangible within this project. Close your eyes and enjoy this absolute delight of a tune.

What was your favorite cut off of illanthropy’s new project? Let us know your favorites as well as your thoughts on the album below in the comments!

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