Marissa Barbato is a lifelong musician who found a home in the underground Bass scene scattered across the East Coast as Entangled Mind. She grew up in a home heavy with musical talent, which led to her mastering the guitar by the age of ten, as well as writing and recording her music on an 8track reel to reel in middle school.

Currently based out of Boston, the Entangled Mind project is the manifestation of the complex meshing and interconnectivity of the world through sound. They combine polished instrumentalism, labyrinth-like sound design, original recordings, and intricate compositions to tell a story through sound. Their mold-breaking talents have earned them opening slots for artists like the ultra-talented Mindex and Josh Teed.

Today, Entangled Mind brings us their debut album “Eternal Motion”. The album opens with a contemplative atmosphere, drawing the audience into a deep state of meditative listening. With profound regard to the project’s title, each track pensively spills into the next allowing the listener to dreamily drift through a sonic universe of psychedelic bass.

The new album is sealed with a juxtaposition that sums up the intricacies of the Entangled Mind project, where a track like “Collective Disparity” highlights the all-encompassing range of emotions in the intertwined experience.

You can join Entangled Mind for her debut album listening party or listen below and dissolve into bliss!

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