Today is a beautiful day! A new Porter Robinson single has dropped. ‘Musician’ is the fifth and final single being released from his long-awaited sophomore album ‘Nuture’, Porter’s first studio album in seven years.

It’s insane to think about, but singles for this album began dropping over a year ago. So, listeners are now at the edge of their seats, headphones on, and constantly pressing refresh just to get another taste of the production maestro’s forbidden fruit.

Porter Robinson’s ‘Worlds’ album is one of, if not, my favorite EDM albums ever. It’s a collection of songs that are so unique individually, but together tell a cohesive story that few artists can replicate. Get Your Wish’,Something Comforting’, ‘Mirror’, and ‘Look at the Sky’ have satiated our needs, but to say we aren’t hungry for more would be a serious understatement. The first four songs have all shown the range of differentiation typical in Porter’s music, while also showing off his ability to build a fully-formed feel that will only be further enhanced by the addition of the unreleased tracks and complete album, expected to arrive April 23rd.

Robinson, who has been fairly outspoken about the inspirations for this album, has his emotions on full display. As ‘Sad Machine’ begs the question, “Is Anyone There?”. The answer is a resounding yes from his listeners. We are here and we are lucky to have someone as transparent with their feelings as Porter Robinson has been in these first five tracks.

Musician’ changes the ambiance for his listeners yet again. The upbeat and high-energy track bleeds with positivity and will have you hooked from get-go. The striking synths, peaceful piano arrangements, and pleasantly distorted vocal mixes give ‘Musician’ a constantly uplifting vibe.

Most importantly, ‘Musician’ comes with a message. Messages of being yourself, facing your fears, not beating yourself up, and coming out stronger on the other side of adversity. Is that message for Porter himself? Or his listeners? Regardless, the music that resonates with people the most is generally that which is most personal and genuine to the artist.

While ‘Mirror’ told us to keep going. ‘Musician’  lifts our spirits in a time when many are looking for just that outlet. As always, Porter comes out on the other side with singles of motivation, stronger than ever, and ready to help whoever may need his music right now. Thank you Porter Robinson for being unapologetically yourself!

Check back late April for our full review of his upcoming Nurture album and enjoy his newest single below.

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