Jason Leech continues to amaze fans of electronic music by incorporating his expertise with the piano and blending it into electronic music.

Jason Leech has come a long way to where he is at today. Inspired by artists such as RL Grime and Flume, Leech started turning heads with his viral YouTube videos where he performs covers and remixes of popular electronic songs on his keyboard. Over time, he began gaining recognition from several artists such as Luzcid and CloZee

His newest track, “Derealization”, with MOONZz, provides a fresh take by combining his experience with classical piano with filthy beats. As we are introduced to the song, we are met with a soft and airy pad that provides a melodic atmosphere. Immediately following that, Leech introduces his expert craft in classical piano by providing a blues-like piano lead.

Soon after, MOONZz’s vocals come in. Her voice along with Leech’s keys can give the listener a feeling that they are relaxing and hanging in an underground jazz club. We are then given a quick build-up that leads up to a soft but impactful synth-led breakdown, reminiscent of a Two Feet track.

In the break, Leech flexes his masterful piano skills again by giving the listener a new lead that further builds the tension, eventually leading to a magnificent second breakdown. You can really hear all of Leech’s influences combine into one. Here is what Jason Leech had to say about his new single:

“Derealization is a song about opening a door to a new reality, and not being able to shut it. The fact that the mind can go too far down the rabbit hole, and get stuck in Wonderland, always scared me. 

The artwork and song is inspired by Pink Floyd’s “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”, which is actually about their lead singer suffering this very fate. I cut up a photo of deep space, and turned it into the grid optical illusion, so that the eyes see spots in between the universe that aren’t “real”. 

I wanted to make a track that had the feeling of wonder & novelty, but with dark overtones. It all came together when MOONZz offered to lay down her vocals on the song. She really captured the ominous feel I was going for, and was a pleasure to collaborate with. The “you” that she sings about in the lyrics personify the new reality that’s presented itself.  

This single is very different from anything I’ve ever made before, and I’m thrilled for people to hear it. I hope my listeners enjoy all the unexpected places that Derealization takes them.”  – Jason Leech

We love this new tune and you can get there too by streaming it down below. What are your thoughts on ‘Derealization’ by Jason Leech and MOONZz?


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