Up-and-coming Boulder, Colorado producer Kolotê has been making some great strides lately. Having made his musical debut only a couple months ago, Kolotê is here to show us what he is capable of and to leave us with some juicy tunes in our ears. Today, he comes to us in the form of his newest single, “Satori”.

Cinematic and ethereal, “Satori” brings you to the clouds. Somewhere between future bass and house, Kolotê blurs the lines of genres while maintaining his production flavor. Thought-provoking vocals guide the listener to a euphoric tidal wave. The second drop reveals his diverse style, Kolotê chops and flips this tune on its head. Hope you’re ready to bop because “Satori” will get those feet moving regardless.

“I wrote this song for everyone who has felt or needs the feeling of sudden enlightenment. I hope I can pass the vibrations through the music to anyone who is seeking Satori. My take is… 
There is only so much you can do within your lifetime; so put out all of your energy, manifest what you want in this world, and be grateful for everything you have and everything you will achieve. There is a time and place for everything and everyone.” – Kolotê

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