ALEPH is not playing around! Many times, I write about artists who blend genres. Artists who have their distinct style, but pull their individual sound from many influencers. ALEPH may be the first one that cares not about the genre. As I listened to his new track ‘POLYMER’, the lead single off the artist’s upcoming ‘EGO DEATH’ album, I was blown away with how different it was.

ALEPH’s production is a puzzle containing many pieces, and while the image may be hard to see at first, when everything comes together it shows a cohesive and beautiful work of art. There are gentle buildups containing instruments from Eastern cultures, Trap drops, and Drum N’ Bass components to name a few.

This song was also very different than previous tracks I’d heard from ALEPH. ‘OMEN’, for example, was a reserved, minimalist song filled with intoxicating bass – the perfect lounge song. It’s like a pro athlete who adds a new element to their game. ALEPH is proving track after track that he is constantly evolving his game to separate himself from the field.

When quoted about his music and this song, ALEPH replied that he has, “an infinite canvas of sound to paint with.” The more I listened to ‘POLYMER’, the more this quote resonated for me. Listeners can tell that he is not trying to replicate another artists’ work and he is not trying to fit into a particular mold. He is the only ALEPH and he’s going to make sure listeners know that!

Give the track a listen below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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