When I wrote about ALEPH’s track ‘Polymera few months back, I didn’t know what to expect from the full album. The single had traditional dubstep-influenced sounds, but there were so many unique and differentiated components that I wasn’t used to hearing in musical productions.

ALEPH’s debut album ‘Ego Death’ not only builds on this single, but also enhances it by producing a beautifully cohesive album. The ethereal music made me slow down and be patient. In a world of instant gratification, I had to allow the music to build up and incorporate its different layers. Trust me, the payoff was well worth it.

This album does not simply just ‘create a mood’ or ‘sound good’. This album paints a picture with each and every track. What I found incredibly interesting is that even before reading about the album, the music felt very psychedelic and mind-altering in a way. It did not surprise me, then, when I saw that this album was actually inspired by “the hero’s journey, the death, and rebirth of the self”, in mythic literature.

Songs like ‘BREATHE’ where I could actually feel my breathing rise and fall with the ebbs and flows of the track or the way ‘ENDLESS DREAM’ uses repetition to truly make the music feel like the song is lasting long after the album concludes, showed a true level of artistry that goes unappreciated much of the time in 2021.

Go in with an open mind to ‘Ego Death’ and you will not be disappointed. Let us know your favorite moments and tracks from the album in the comments below and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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