After months of hearing this massive tune throughout virtual DJ sets and showcase mixes, “East Bridge” has finally dropped. This ethereal trap banger is a producer mega-collaboration curated by Hex Cougar, Pauline Herr, So Sus and Sejo.  Each member of this dynamic lineup was able to add their own sound and spice in order to organize a booming collection of boundary-pushing trap elements.

We were blessed to hear a taste of this epic track through Pauline Herr’s debut Brownies & Lemonade showcase as well as her stunning radio mix presented by Bitbird. Released through Alter/Ego, an exclusive label founded by Hex Cougar, we are now granted access to this major artistic creation.

Exquisite vocals from the talented producer/vocalist Pauline Herr bliss the beginning of the track and give the anthem an over-the-top euphoric theme all the way through. The piercing synths and powerful snares unveiled by the producers contribute to the vast quality of sounds and feels. “East Bridge” is sparked from emotion and presented through an intensity of sensation. Do not sleep on this collective masterpiece, and get ready to see all members of this multi-talented group rise up this year.

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