Mport is a booming up and comer who has been seriously making a name for himself as of late. The bass and dubstep artist has appeared on huge labels in the past, like MeSo‘s Spicy Bois and Dirt Monkey‘s 19k Sounds imprint. He’s also collaborated with some bigger bass names like Brondo and Kyral x Banko over the years.

We also hosted him on our guest mix series in 2020, where he absolutely blew down the roof. He even previewed today’s new release in that mix.

Today, “So Loud, It’s Quiet” finally sees the light of day. The new tune does a great job encapsulating MPort’s burley, wub-fuelled sound and exemplifying his production prowess, which is slowly but surely gaining him more and more attention throughout the bass world.

Here’s what Mport had to say about his brand new bop: “So loud, it’s quiet is inspired by my friend explaining what her absolute favorite part of a live show is. 

When you are at a show, there are those songs that are so deep, with such little high end, that you can still talk to the person next to you even with the show at full volume. While you can still hear the person next to you, your body is vibrating from the low-end subs. This is always a fantastic moment in a live set. A friend of mine brought this concept up once over coffee, I immediately busted out my iPhone voice memo app and had her say that phrase. I made the entire track that day.” – Mport

What did you think of Mport’s newest? Let us know down in the comments and be sure to scoop the free DL below!

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Free Download: Mport – So Loud, It’s Quiet

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