It has been brought to our attention that an unorthodox science experiment conducted amongst an exclusive group of engineers has absolutely exceeded expectations. A sapient creature has risen from the underground, resulting in the release of a twenty-three-headed behemoth. Led by Partica Artist Group, the collective has taken the role of Frankenstein by unleashing a new monstrous phenomenon into the world: a mega-collaboration fabricated by some of our favorite trap musicians.

It’s apparent that the recent autumn fluctuations have sparked a righteous emergence of spooky vibes, fall feels, and trap music. Partica Artist Group is on the rise, bringing a new wave of experimental sound known as Trap2 straight to our speakers. Partica is an artist-based collective and record label that integrates diverse trap and bass vibrations, fueled by innovative design, 808s, and danceable rhythms. Based out of Baltimore, the dedicated collective has set sail to take its curated mission global.

Frankenstein‘ is their newest work. Partica contacted twenty-three trap experts to build up one single, immortal masterpiece. The roster of researchers consists of Hairitage, Dabow, Capshun, So Sus, Kizer, pinku, Galva, blurrd vzn, anti., Lizdek, Xotix, Dink, drak, RamonPang, episcool, ql1x, ell!psis, Robu, golden child, Snxxz3, eyezic., and label co-founders Runnit, and Gurf.

We had the pleasure to catch some words of inspiration from the Partica co-chiefs themselves!

“Partica is always trying to one-up our past selves! Mug club came out 2 years ago and that had less than half the artists; we are in it for innovation and collaboration all the way. The varying styles of sound design Gurf and I received made the organizing tough but i think it helped turn the song into a journey!” – Runnit

“Me and Runnit thought it would be funny to just add a shit ton of artists to a Twitter group chat and invite them all to collab. The chat itself has like 43 artists lol. This could’ve gotten a lot crazier!” – Gurf

The track itself is breathtaking. It’s bouncy and energetic, funky and mysterious, and has a mixture of both light and dark elements that balance beautifully. The experiment was founded on a variety of loops created by the miscellaneous artists, ultimately glued together with next-level production. The bass is infectious, the beat patterns are contagious, and the sensations are transmittable.

Let us know your thoughts on mega-collab ‘Frankenstein’ in the comments below, and keep an eye out for what’s next with Partica Artist Group!

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