There is no one as boundary-stretching as producer and sound designer LYNY. He has released a plethora of tracks that have touched unreachable heights and depths, and will not show any mercy as he ascends from the underground.

With an impressive discography of over fifty tracks, LYNY has grasped, experimented, and mastered every taste of electronic music and indefinitely has zero skips throughout his efforts. Over five years ago, he started producing melodic beats in the future bass wave, moved to OG trap bangers like “no bad dreams“, attacked experimental bass tracks like “off that“, and even dabbled in deep, melodic house.  After catching his streams on Boombox Cartel‘s Cinco Mode and Brownies & Lemonade‘s Open Aux Livestream, we are itching to see LYNY live in the flesh.

LYNY has returned, once again, with his precious gift of an EP, Dash. This four-track curation was carefully crafted with beauty and is nothing short of a masterpiece. It is beautiful, it is filthy, and it is undeniably a triumph in his career.

Right off the bat, LYNY dives into some Drum & Bass with a twist of euphoric vocal chops in his opening track,“Flora”. Dark, deep bass and eclectic drum patterns paint the setting for the rest of the EP.

Stirring his massive mixing pot of genres, he smacks us with glitched-out trap anthem,“Dash”. Fueled with piercing bass and astounding clap snares, this title track bangs your head for you. Be careful of whiplash.

LYNY joins forces with FLY for the only collaboration amongst the whole EP to create an untouchable, wonky track. “Reason” leaves us dumbfounded by the enormous kicks and echoes of brutal synths.

Take Back” is the final track, but brings enough energy to push you out of your seat. Bouncy trap rackets and chopped vocals bring back the original LYNY sound blissed with refreshing critique.

We are obsessed with the new Dash EP and can’t wait to see what’s next for LYNY! Let us know what you think of this fresh new EP in the comments, or reach out on our socials!

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