Aspire Higher is a Philly-based event and management company that helps support underground bass music from all across the country. Coming up in August, they are linking up with The Rust to throw their Submersion Fest, which features Supertask, potions, Tripp St, Duffrey, and more!

Today, they’re unleashing a massive compilation album jam-packed with production talent that each deserves a massive spotlight!

On Volume One of the Solstice Sessions, they featured tunes from kLL sMTH, Vide, Viskus, Hullabalo0, NiT GriT & SEDA, 5AM, XL, Josh Teed & Lowcation,  G-Type Star, low kee., E Knocks & shwilly, JamL, Dr. Funkle, Inspect3r, and Lame Brains.

The whole project was professionally mastered by kLL sMTH, as well. Which tune was your favorite? Let us know down below in the comments.

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