sharlitz web is an artist that we are stoked to see continue to make moves. This Chicago-raised, LA-based producer knows how to conjure up enchanting bass and entrancing beats that take you to an in-between realm where she channels the energy of her late muse, her sister Charlotte.

A couple of months ago, she made her SSKWAN debut that moved us down to the core and took us on an interdimensional journey. Today, she makes her WAKAAN debut with an intoxicating two-track EP, Spider Cider.

This project opens with a title track that will have you buzzed off of her “Spider Cider.” The introduction eerily creeps up, each beat tickling your ears like the legs of a spider crawling on you. The glitched-out low-end bass laced with sharlitz web’s transcendental beat-making skills leaves listeners captivated under the influence of this potent new elixir.

The second effort, titled “Ill Will,” hypnotizes you while it slowly leads you into its grasp. With droning and persistent bass, the track reaches down into your subconscious and vibrates through you in ways that are simply unheard of.

Out now on Wakaan Records, take a sip of sharlitz web’s “Spider Cider” and be sure to let us know what you think of the filthy new project down below or on our socials!

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