Denver-based producer and performer Thought Process has been generating some serious buzz over the past year. First hitting the scene after debuting on All:Lo compilation Vol.1 in 2018, he has quickly become a staple artist within the underground bass music world. Meshing downtempo bass music with hip-hop elements, Thought Process has been sculpting his own signature sound that’s truly impeccable.

In the past, the rising star bass producer has performed at festivals like. He has also released low-end bangers on underground talent hubs like Street Ritual, Aspire Higher, and The Gradient Perspective. Huge news for the up-and-comer was just announced earlier this week, Thought Process will be joining Opiuo at Red Rocks this May, alongside DMVU, Beats Antique, and more talented producers. He’ll be performing as Groovesauce, his three-person side project with Pheel. and parkbreezy.

Today, we are gifted with a new six-track project from Thought Process titled “Always Changing in Form”. This release hits all the marks of a good downtempo project, including an infectious trap tune with long-time collaborator Pheel. and pacific northwest-based vocalist Brotha Nature. Perfect for a long drive or just hanging and being lazy, these tunes feature Thought Process’ smooth and groovy take to hip-hop-influenced bass music front and center.

Here’s what Thought Process had to say about his brand new project:  “This release is extremely close to my heart.” Hopefully, in time, it will become close to ours as well. What is your favorite track from Thought Process’s first release of the year, “Always in Changing Form?” Let us know down below!

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