I don’t know much about the culinary arts, but Motifv sure is cooking up some Michelin star-rated beats. Fusing electro, hip-hop, and soul, Motifv has created a body of work worthy of your fullest attention. His sophomore project “Dilated Mind”, is as refreshing as it gets.

Smooth and sexy, Motifv makes samples feel more at home than their original composition. The 23-year-old producer’s hybrid sound is the perfect vibe for both bassheads and casual listeners all across the world.

This project is easily Motifv’s most involved piece of art to date. Having produced, mixed, mastered, and even created the cover art, Motifv shows his self-reliance and independence as an all-encompassing artist. “Dilated Mind” is the debut release for Hawk’s Nest Music’s new record label, Featherweight Records. It contains a mix of synthesizers, piano, and digital production, on top of being brilliantly curated and conceptual. This new album is sure to leave you straight hypnotized. Here’s what Motifv had to say:

“I deeply feel the connection between the way our eye’s iris expands in the darkness and how our minds expand when we turn off the outside lights and look within. “Dilated Mind” is my concept album for this idea. The album represents this mindset of openness and continual expansion – which is a way I strive to live my life and drive my creativity.” ~Motifv

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