Based in her hometown of Hong Kong, Farrah has extended her reach beyond our galaxy through vibrant frequencies of raw artistry and talent. With high-spirited expertise and progression, she carefully crafts each piece of art she unleashes with an alluring heart and expressive soul. Farrah naturally fuses elements of Trap music with undertones of compelling drums and vigorous bass. She has served her role as a staple to the underground and is quickly on the rise as she continues to refute the laws of gravity.

This year alone, she has proven herself indestructible. We have already been granted access to a plethora of Farrah masterpieces, with releases debuted from powerhouse labels such as Bassrush, Jadū Dala, and Electric Hawk Records. Throughout the pandemic, she showcased her capabilities through various virtual festivals and even presented her very own self-curated, completely female “ALL STARS” livestream event alongside Electric Hawk. As if that wasn’t enough, she also took control of our thirty-sixth installment to our guest mix series over here at Heard It Here First for a filthy trap mix.

Farrah continues her subterranean exploration with a self-released flip to RL Grime & ISOxo‘s “Stinger”. Her take on “Stinger” guides us on an ominous journey through electromagnetic fields of sonorous synths and flourishing kicks. A brand new trap anthem has sprouted, only this time the tempo changes midway to ascend us up another atmosphere. All of these intertwined ingredients are filtered out with a soothing outro, gently placing us back down in a natural, yet otherworldly state of being.

Here’s what Farrah had to say about her new release:

“I was listening to “Stringer” while taking my daily night walk a month ago and I was still captivated by the ominous feeling after listening to it for what it seemed like, the millionth time. I knew that was when I wanted to give it my own twist and do a flip for the tune. I took a break from doing more flips and was focused on making more originals for this year but the idea came so naturally that I finished it within a few days. I can’t wait for everyine to hear it!” – Farrah

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