The UK-born dubstep artist Conrank is gearing up to release his explosive new single “Watch Us Fly” on Circus Records. His effortless blend of hard rock and heavy bass is guaranteed to have fans soaring to the rail at shows and festivals across the country. Conrank brings his latest release to new heights with the addition of his own high-energy vocals and neck-breaking rock fusion.

Conrank began his career as a DJ in 2010 with his debut performance at London’s ‘Secret Garden Party’. Shortly after, he relocated to Shanghai where he quickly built a reputation as one of the top producers in China. Building upon strong releases and fan-favorite festival performances, he has continually exceeded expectations among fans and artists alike.

Since moving to LA in 2017, Conrank has rapidly risen the ranks with album releases on labels such as Wakaan and Circus Records. Following his most recent festival performance on the Eclipse Stage at Sunset Music Festival, it is clear he has built a reputation as a boundary-pushing powerhouse. Collaborating with fellow big bass names such as Mersiv, Jantsen, Yheti, Of the Trees, and Bleep Bloop, Conrank has proven himself as a ‘do not miss’ act in the dubstep community. The release of “Watch Us Fly” provides fans with an insight into the diversity of Conrank’s abilities as a producer.

Experimenting with his own sound, Conrank delivers an upbeat and energetic musical adventure by featuring his own vocals paired with intense bass lines, guitar riffs, and dynamic tempo. “Watch Us Fly” continues to bring fans a hard rock/ heavy bass experience following his most recent release, “Psych Out”, also on Circus Records.

Heavy and unique, “Watch Us Fly” is a sign for what’s to come and we are personally very excited for this new adventure in the world of Conrank! Here is what the bass guru had to say about his newest single:

“I’ve been on a journey over the last 6 months to really push myself not only in the producer’s chair but also in the vocal booth. This release is a milestone for me.” : Conrank

Let us know your thoughts of “Watch Us Fly” down below in the comments and on our social media! It’s out now on Circus Records.

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