Juelz is recognizably the most consistent producer when it comes to fusing hip-hop with electronic music. Vancouver-based producer and DJ, Juelz, contracts fans from all backgrounds with his monumental discography.

Six years ago, he released “Cocaine”, a fan-favorite that immediately led him to massive collaborations with josh pan, Promnite, Falcons, and bbno$. This year, he has unleashed a variety of heat with Sable Valley, Lowly., and Elysian Records, all before releasing his upcoming EP, Paradise Lost.

Pauline Herr, a good friend to Juelz, is a multi-talented artist we all absolutely worship. There really is nothing she cannot do. The iconic producer, singer, songwriter, and DJ self-released six solo tracks in 2019, which opened up the doors to her widely accepted and well-deserved universe. This year is certainly her year, as she scores spots on festival lineups with Brownies & Lemonade at Lake Havana, Insomniac‘s Lost In Dreams, and SLANDER‘s Starbase Music Festival.

Now, we finally get to experience Juelz & Pauline Herr’s crystalline duality in a singular art form.

Today, Juelz and Pauline Herr unite their astral efforts for their highly-anticipated collaboration, “Colours”. This beautiful curation is the second single delivered early from Juelz’s upcoming Paradise Lost EP. The EP unifies a wide array of interpretive thoughts and sensations absorbed around heartbreak and loss.

“Colours” resembles the grand finale to the narrative, as it illustrates the final animation of reaching inner peace and self-independence. It resembles the feeling of gratitude that fills your body when you are ready to empower the love for yourself. Like waves spilling across the shore, cinematic vocals led by Herr wash over the ethereal synths while sunbeams melt the dynamic bassline. It is natural and essential. The emotion in her tone bites hard over the pounding hi-hats and echoing snares; the quality of design synthesizes the power directed by the producers.

“Colours is possibly my favourite song that I’ve released to date” says Juelz. “It’s a moody, but uplifting song about the stage of getting over an ex when you are completely at peace with the fact that person is no longer in your life and you’re ready to own your independence.”

This track, as well as the entire EP, symbolizes something novel for Juelz’s project. We really can’t wait to listen to the whole thing.

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