Ravenscoon is one of the many up-and-comers who have graced Wakaan with a release as of late. Wakaan is well-known for showcasing artists based on production prowess, as opposed to the number of followers or the artists’ reach.

Today, Ravenscoon is making his official Wakaan debut with his Revolve EP! The new project features three originals and one collaboration tune with Viskus, another exciting and extremely impressive up-and-comer we closely follow here at HIHF.

The Revolve EP is Ravenscoon’s gift to fans after a tough year in quarantine. Throughout that time, the bass community really embraced Ravenscoon as one of the hottest and most productive artists in the underground, so he figured he’d give back in the form of this ridiculously fuego EP.

We had the pleasure of interviewing the San-Francisco-based artist about the new project as well as some insights into his thoughts on the underground bass world and how everything has come full circle after attending label boss Liquid Stranger‘s Wakaan tours back in the day. It’s clear as day that Ravenscoon has a massive future ahead of him and we were ecstatic to have this opportunity to chat.

What did you think of Ravenscoon’s diabolical new EP? Let us know down in the comments and be sure to check out our interview with the rapidly rising artist below!

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What does it mean to you to have a release on Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan label?
It means the world to me. I’ve been in the bass music scene for quite some time (2007) and started seeing Liquid Stranger on his first few tours, and remember when Wakaan first was created. It has evolved so much since then and become not just a label, but a movement – bringing people together and creating meaningful connections for humans in the bass music scene. I really resonate with their message and feel super honored to have a release there after being a fan for so many years.

Outside of Electronic music, what are some of your favorite acts and artists you listen to?
I like pretty much all music, but my favorites outside of EDM would be Blink 182, Linkin Park, The Devil Wears Prada, Sum 41, Suicide Silence, Gucci Mane, Migos, Eminem, Mozart, Hanz Zimmer, Howard Shore, Talking Heads, REM, Pink Floyd, and Mick Gordon. This is definitely not an exhaustive list.

Who are a couple of bass music producers in the underground you have your eye/ear on?
Underground producers would have to be Shatter, Tape B, Flozone, W/out, iSorin, NotLo, A Hundred Drums, Lizzy Jane, Kadena, Komadoze, Illanthropy, Fryar, CASHFORGOLD. There are honestly one hundred people I could name here. The underground bass music scene is thriving more than ever.

What can you tell us about working with Viskus?
Viskus is an amazing human being. Nick and I have produced five or six songs together, and they always seem to just flow naturally. Sometimes he sends an idea and I run with it, sometimes I send him and he runs, and other times we finish a song together in less than 24 hours. He’s always easy to work with, not demanding, and super professional. We have become good friends and I see us making much more music together.

You’ve been a big advocate for fellow underground artists throughout your career. What’s been the best thing about watching them gain a platform as their careers grow?
This is true. Underground bass music is exciting to me because the ideas are raw, fresh, and experimental. They push the sound forward, where some bigger acts tend to play things safe or cookie cutter. My favorite part of seeing people thrive and grow is the happiness they bring fans, and the fulfillment they experience for their hard work paying off. Music can be tough as an artist, comparing yourself to others, haters, long hours with no pay or success. So seeing people succeed is the ultimate reward. There’s plenty of room for everyone to be successful – and that mindset is so much better than a scarcity mindset, where some people feel like there is only X amount of fans to be had.

At what point did you realize that your music was making a real impact on the bass scene?
Everything still feels a bit surreal to me, but I guess it’s when I started getting DMs from many people telling me that my music saved their life, or helped them through the hardest times of their lives, and how much it meant to them. That is what propels me to keep going when I feel like giving up. Getting those messages comes with a lot of responsibility.

You have built an incredible community of fans over the last year. What’s the most beneficial part of having that space?
The community is the most important aspect of bass music to me. It brought me some of my best friends, girlfriends, relationships, my current relationship, some of my best memories, and even my job at CBS. All of those things are priceless to me – so I think it is ULTIMATELY important to continue that community with my own fans and my own music. I try really hard to cultivate an open and welcoming community of fans because at the end of the day there is no destination in music – it is all about the journey and love and memories that we make along the way.

I want to bring up your previous EP “Rapid Eye Movements”. What makes it different from your other releases?
Rapid Eye Movements was the first EP where I really felt that I was becoming a good producer. The songs were designed to flow easier in sets, and my production style shifted to make music that was listenable, but also easy to mix live. It’s the first EP where I felt every song really could stand in my sets against other big producers and sound equivalent. Not that MIND or BEAUTIFUL CHAOS were bad, but they felt a bit less cohesive to me live.

What can you tell us about the “Revolve” EP? What do you want fans to know about it?
The REVOLVE EP is a new expression of Ravenscoon, a new chapter in my skills as a producer, and honestly some of the most fun I’ve ever had writing music. I had a really difficult quarantine mentally, and I wrote all of these songs then. Even though I was in a bad place, I wrote these songs with the intent of huge energy when live music returned. I made sure to leave space for acapellas, and made all of the songs easy to mix live – ensuring that they find a place in all of my sets. They also showcase new sound design, new structure, and heavier bass lines than ever. I am nervous but very excited for everyone to check out where I am as a producer, and eager to show that I can make all sorts of bass music.

With COVID finally coming to an end, what kind of advice would you give to your fellow producers looking to get back on their feet?
I certainly hope COVID comes to an end soon – but I don’t know if we are out of the woods quite yet. As for advice for producers looking to get back on their feet – consistency is key. A little work every day is better than a lot of work sometimes. Take time to interact with your fans on a genuine level, and have FUN. At the end of the day, this should be about passion and not bookings, the bottom line, or whatever. I know it’s easy to get caught up in the rat race, and I certainly do myself, but the most productive times come from the moments where I feel truly inspired and content.

What can fans expect from your sets on the Peekaboo Black Hole Tour or the Dirt Monkey DePolarized Tour?
Expect high energy, new music, unreleased music from me and my friends/favorite producers, and lots of edits and mashups to keep things fresh. I am very excited and thankful to be a part of both tours, and couldn’t thank Peekaboo or Dirt Monkey’s teams more for the opportunity. It is definitely a massive opportunity to show people who have never seen me or maybe even heard of me what I can bring to the table. If you haven’t got your tickets yet, you’ll definitely want to before these events sell out.

Huge thank you to Ravenscoon for chatting with us and his team for coordinating, check out his new EP below!

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