Gyrofield’s discography can be summed up as a deep dive into the freedom of exploring where your inspiration leads you. With that said, there is no one label that Gyrofield falls under. The Hong Kong-born, Bristol-based producer has diverged through many different sounds such as Ambient, Techno, Melodic, Pop, Drum & Bass, and whatever she is inspired by at that moment. From precisely executed production to improvised innovation, Gyrofield has impressively left her mark on every style she traverses.

Her expansive catalog reflects its variety in the labels it has landed on. From tastemakers like 720MAU5 to champions of the underground such as Jadu Dala and Inspected Records, Gyrofield continues to barrel through boundaries with her eclectic and mold-breaking reverberations.

Today, Gyrofield is linking with the Overview Label with a mind-boggling three-track EP, Afters. The project has two Drum & Bass efforts pumping life into dance floors with heavy, glitched out bass and a third downtempo feature as a cool off. The leading track forces you to lay your expectations to rest for the EP and simply enjoy the layers of a gritty low-end, ambient atmosphere, and tenacious drum work. The Afters EP is Gyrofield’s return to Drum & Bass after some exploration, here’s what she had to say:

“I’d been working on some really experimental and dark electronic music for the months preceding the creation of Afters EP and I just wanted to make a return to drum and bass armed with new knowledge and new sensibilities in writing dance music.”

Out now on Overview, Gyrofield’s Afters EP is an exciting look into the future of dance music. Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think down below or on our socials!

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