Wave is a new sub-genre that not many people are familiar with, but with the rise of many different producers in the game, the wave scene is sure to be one that loads of dance music fans will come to embrace.

Klasey Jones is one of those rising stars, and today, he is gifting fans his brand new EP, titled “Hostile Takeover”, which will give listeners around the world a pleasurable taste of wave music. 

One of the forefront producers of wave, Klasey infuses many different styles into his work. From UK Drill to Trap, he will always take you on a sonic journey of epic proportions with his work. Bridging the gap between reality and illusion, he also brings illustrations from different mangas (Japanese comic books) that bring a unique style to Klasey’s catalog. 

What did you think of his Hostile Takeover EP? Let us know in the comments down below and be sure to check out more tunes by Klasey Jones and fellow wave artists!

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