Vampa and ZíA are collaborating today on their first-ever Circus Records release “New Levels”!

The two budding young artists came together to give us a blood-thirsty and intense collaboration on the legendary Circus Records, founded by Doctor P and Flux Pavilion. VAMPA recently released her raging track Blood Moon EP on GRVDNCR, while ZÍA is also coming off a GRVDNCR release as well with her Voices EP, which includes tunes such as “Sadistic” and “Extricate”.  Their innovative and boundary-pushing bass sound design manifested into their glorious new track titled “New Levels”.

The intro to the song is an ethereal orchestral opening. After the into, more elements are added to build anticipation. As that anticipation builds, the snare roll comes in and leads us to the epic breakdown of the song, where you can clearly hear both VAMPA and ZÍA’s style magically come to fruition.

VAMPA and ZÍA’s magnetic chemistry and ability to collaborate succinctly have left me and other bass heads hungry for more collaborations between the dynamic duo. They are also close friends and frequent b2b partners. These two artists have a bright future ahead of them and have the ability to be potential trailblazers for the future of bass music!

What did you think of “New Levels”? Let us know in the comments below!

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