Few things have piqued more attention than the elusiveness of the intergalactic explorer only known to us as Astrolizard. We were first introduced to the reptilian space cowboy when they released their remix of Liquid Stranger’s hit track, “Psychonaut”. Their futuristic space sound has been attracting fans since descending upon Earth.

There has been much debate over the identity of Astrolizard, but what we do know is they will be an exceptional addition to the Wakaan family. After four released singles, it is clear Astrolizard is only getting started. The ten-track BIZARRE UNIVERSE LP takes listeners on an exploration through time and space with their otherworldly, high-octane bass.

The album takes off with “Big Wub Energy”, which is truly the most accurate description of this magnificence. It is ethereal resonance, drawing the listener into the prelude of a divine odyssey. Following “Big Wub Energy” is “Bizarre Universe”, a bass-heavy house party of grandiose proportions.

Accompanied on the album are fellow Wakaan warriors Leah Culver and PIERCE. Leah is no stranger to Wakaan, adorning collaborations with artists like Liquid Stranger and LSDream. In April, PIERCE made his Wakaan debut with his stank-face-inducing YEAR OF THE WOBBLE EP.

Leah Culver is featured on the track “Pieces”, a captivating and inspirational addition, bringing listeners through a range of emotions. “Pieces” expresses the desire to promote love and compassion to someone struggling in a time of despair.

Following “Pieces” is “On the Inside”, featuring PIERCE. A head-banging anthem discussing bottling up one’s emotions, Astrolizard and PIERCE immerse the listener into a sense of self-reflection. This track inspires one to work through their feelings in their own raw and vulnerable way. Scream, dance, and cry with someone you love and know that you are never fully alone.

Join the Wakaan family on this exciting new journey with Astrolizard as they prepare us for blastoff. Bizarre Universe will be a grand passage into exploration and we couldn’t be more thrilled for the ride!

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