This new music Friday is already heating up as the newest addition to the airwaves is a MASSIVE club anthem from some of the hottest names in dance music. Today, we have the huge team-up of four heavyweight artists; Whipped Cream, Moore Kismet, UNIIQU3, and bounce music superstar and queer legend Big Freedia! “Hold Up” is out now through Thrive Music.

Big Freedia has been at the forefront of queer empowerment for years. They have worked with some of the biggest names in not just dance music, but mainstream pop music as well, ranging from Lady Gaga to Beyonce to Drake to DJ Snake!

Moore Kismet, an artist we cover frequently here at HIHF, expressed their excitement to work with these industry queenpins over Twitter, gushing over the chance to collaborate with some of their direct inspirations. For Kismet, this follows their collaborations with Pauline Herr and Tasha Baxter, both of which were smash bangers off their upcoming debut album.

On “HOLD UP,” each artist has a distinct part to play. WHIPPED CREAM brings bass-heavy production prowess, with Moore Kismet, UNIIQU3, and, of course, Big Freedia sharing inspirational vocals. UNIIQU3 even transmits a bit of her patented Jersey Club stylings into the mix, as she is known as one of the behemoths of the widely spread dance music sub-genre.

Here is what WHIPPED CREAM had to say about the new mega-collab:

“’Hold Up’ is a song created for the people who have never seemingly fit in and for those who have had to fight like hell to simply be who they are. I feel humbled and honoured to have been able to bring these inspiring and energetic creative beings onto the record. Each message Big Freedia, Moore Kismet, and UNIIQU3 left on the record truly made it the anthem I feel it is. In a world we are told to be ourselves constantly we sure have to fight to do just that.” WHIPPED CREAM

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