Fryar has been one of the trailblazers of the underground bass world over the past couple years. The young artist has unleashed tunes on boundary-pushing labels like WAKAAN, Saturate, and Wavecraft Collective. He even teamed up with Mersiv, one of the hottest names in the bass scene, for their magnificent Paradise EP, which featured two absolute goliaths of collabs.

Today, Fryar is unleashing another absolute gas-pack of a tune, titled “Doubt In My Head”. The Electric Hawk artist is well known for his brutal and burley production style and that’s exactly what we get here on this brand new effort from the booming up and comer.

As he wraps up his upcoming EP, this producer is certainly ‘one to watch’ as his career continues to skyrocket. We had the opportunity to chat with Fryar about the new tune, as well as his inspirations and what he’s got on tap for the rest of 2021.

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What did you grow up listening to?

I remember when I was probably about 12 my favorite record was R. Kelly’s remix to Ignition, tough to say that now since he’s a sexual abuser but at the time I liked a lot of hip-hop and stuff my brother and his older friends would show me (my brother is 3 years older than me). Lil-Wayne, Jay-Z, Kanye, Linkin Park, Green Day, My Chemical Romance. Tons of hip-hop and punk/metal/emo bands. It wasn’t until high school, around 2012, that electronic music became my go-to music.
When I heard Skrillex’s album ‘Scary Monster and Nice Sprites’ and then Bassnectar’s remix to Ellie Goulding’s ‘Lights’ freshman year of High School (also another creep/loser) I felt really inspired to explore the dubstep/house/electro scene.

What artists got you into electronic music?

Mainly Skrillex, Deadmau5, Porter Robinson, Nero, and Bassnectar. I have a lot of old tracks back in high school I made in FL studio that were basically remixes to some Bassnectar tracks and I used to love watching Deadmau5’s studio sessions. I wasn’t and still am not good enough to try to remake some Skrillex or Porter’s tracks, those guys are geniuses.

What underground bass artists are you listening to?

Mersiv, Superave, VCTRE, Imanu, Mindset I listen to consistently but there are so many I like and a lot of them happen to be friends which is always dope. Matheny, Saka, Nomer, Avante, Mize, Slang Dogs, Vide, Molokai, FRQNCY., and the Wavecraft crew put out pretty consistent heat. I would say G Jones/Eprom but I don’t think they’re underground artists in the same sense those guys are.

Any upcoming collaborations you are working on that you can tell us about?

I’ve talked with Zeke Beats, SuperAve, Mythm, Space Wizard, Mize, Matheny, VCTRE about collabs this whole past year. I think all of those would be really sick collabs. I’m always talking to Mersiv about making more tracks and we’ve talked about me going out to Colorado to his studio and write some tracks for a week this year, another EP with like 4 tracks would be the goal.

How did the Paradise EP, alongside Mersiv, come about? How did the two of you connect/meet?

It happened how collabs usually do, send another artist an idea to see if it resonates at all, Andy liked the In Motion WIP I sent to him via Twitter and we finished the tune pretty fast. After we finished that song a year went by and we played a show together in Atlanta GA and ever since then we just kinda chilled in discord and played Runescape. We both always talked about making more music together but we were kinda rushed due to his focus on other projects happening at the time so we started only on 1 other track “Paradise”, which was another WIP I had laying around, about a year after In Motion was finished.

What is one thing fans wouldn’t know about you unless someone asked? Maybe a cool skill or a hobby?

No cool skills or hobbies, I like to exercise every day whether it’s weight lifting or running. I like to read books and play video games so nothing too surprising i guess?

Well, working out every day, reading and video games are definitely cool! What is a dream festival to play for you?

Shambhala in Canada for sure. But other than that I think Bonnaroo would be really dope.

What about a dream collab?

Moody Good, his remix to Fall In Love was the direct inspiration for In Motion. I think we could write a catchy tune together.

That would be absurd and we are sure you could make that happen one day. Next question, alongside fellow Electric Hawk artists, you are playing the Black Box in September. What can fans expect from your set at the legendary bass venue?

Yes! Fuck, am I stoked on that one. Yes, I get to play it with FRQNCY, UNKNWN, and W/OUT. I just hope people have a good time and move, that’s what I really love at shows, seeing people enjoy themselves instead of standing there.

What do you want fans to know about your new single “Doubt In My Head”?

That track reflected a lot of feelings I have about my place in music, kind of took a step back from music in 2021 and got discouraged. I always know that I want to be involved artistically in music but I felt disconnected for a good bit and I wrote that track with it in mind after months of not wanting to release anything.

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