Adding some spice to the city of Columbus, Ohio – TriS is an emerging electronic artist who you need to keep a tab on. Being an electronic bass music producer, Tris has a focus on Midtempo. Producers are recognized by their certain aesthetic which allows for them to grow in the community.

The aesthetic that TriS has been aiming for is bringing out the darkness in his listeners. That darkness is conveyed through large atmospheres that set the mood for his heavy-hitting, bass-focused drops.

He delivers this all and more on his latest release “Sanctify”. Featuring interesting and evolving sounds influenced by industrial and electro subgenres, we can hear a potential festival banger within this midtempo heavy hitter with a gothic theme. The mixture of heavy impacts, church bells, electro synths, choirs, and gritty basses set the dark tone that sends listeners into the menacing world TriS has created for them.

Over the past year, TriS has gained a respectable following in the underground. In the growing world of midtempo – he is one of many producers who is quickly climbing up the scoreboard with his raw and true talent.

Play “Sanctify” on loop and let us know what you think in the comments down below!

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